Best Summer Destinations 2016

You dream of an unusual summer vacation this year? You look for a relaxing beach or exciting water activities? You prefer lakes and mountains or parties and festivals? Whatever are your preferences, we picked for you the best summer destinations for 2016.

Interlaken: Lakes, mountains, outdoor activities

Situated between two lakes: Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, Interlaken is a captivating natural pearl in Switzerland. 
Refresh in the cool lake water, do a guided boat tour or enjoy the splendid scenery.

Adventurous activities and watersports are countless here: You can experience parasailing, paragliding, kayaking, canoeing, windsurfing, horse riding, the Alps climbing and hiking. You will also adore the variety of sports and excursions, the funicular rides to the mountains summits and the daytrips to surrounding areas.

Interlaken is a destination for all type of travelers and vacations: Luxury lakeshore resorts or wooden cottages, peaceful landscapes or thrilling activities, family tours or romantic getaways, there is something for everyone.

Interlaken - Best summer destinations 2016

Interlaken Hotels

Italian Riviera: Luxury resorts, amazing beaches, yachting

The Italian Riviera is a popular summer destination for celebrities and rich travelers. Situated between the Maritime Alps and the Ligurian Sea, the region has a unique splendour and a mediterranean personality.

Relax in one of the luxury resorts with a breathtaking waterfront, taste the delicious Italian cuisine and enjoy the exquisite services.

Portofino is a well-known resort town in the Italian Riviera beloved by the artists and writers. When the sea is packed with yachts and traditional boats, the streets are lined with restaurants, cafes, galleries and shops.

You can dive, hike, do a boat tour, visit an art exhibition or learn about the maritime traditions.

Italian Reviera-Portofino Best summer destinations 2016

Italian Riviera Hotels

Ibiza : Golden beaches, parties, nightlife

Amazing coastline, more than 5 beaches, life music, Ibiza is a perfect destination for chilling out and having fun. The weather is sunny and warm and the temperatures range between 25° and 27°C making all outdoor activities suitable.

Ibiza is not just about dancing, swimming, diving, boat parties and watersports, the Spanish island offer a lot more. You can explore the peaceful side of the Island by doing hiking tours in the mountains and valleys, visiting the UNESCO listed site “ Ibiza’s Old town” or shop in the local markets to discover the rich heritage of the island.

Ibiza Spain best summer destinations 2016

Ibiza Hotels

Stockholm: Nature, old town, bright nights

A city of 14 islands connected by 50 bridges, Stockholm, the Swedish capital, is where you will be always surrounded by water.

What’s better for a summer vacation? Especially with bearable temperatures, long daylight hours and pure air.

Each island has its specific charm: Admire the modern and historic architecture, promenade in the green parks, walk in the Old Town, Gamla Stan, attend free concerts, take a boat tour or dine in a stylish open-air restaurant.

Note that the summer is the best season to visit Stockholm, so expect higher hotel rooms rates.

Stockholm-Sweden best summer destinations 2016

Stockholm hotels

Montenegro: Magnificent scenic, budget travel, seafood

A hidden gem on the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro has amazing landscapes, beautiful mountains and wonderful coastline.

Despite its small area, It’s one of the most captivating Adriatic destinations. With numerous beaches, rivers and lakes, summer is extremely enjoyable in Montenegro.

Relax and enjoy the blue wide sky, turquoise sea and sandy beaches. Or meet the friendly locals, learn about the country’s history and discover the Skadar Lake.

You will also have the chance to eat one the most delicious and unique seafood for a very cheap price.

Montenegro best summer destinations 2016

Montenegro Hotels

Rio de Janeiro: Olympic games, beaches, festivals

Besides its spectacular festivals, famous beaches and spirited city life, Rio de Janeiro will host this year the Olympic Games, making it one of the most appealing summer destinations. Street concerts, classy restaurants, art museums, stunning views.. You will never get bored in Rio de Janeiro, and with the summer games, the fun is doubled.   

Note that the winter in Rio is between July and September, so the temperatures are at their lowest level compared to the rest of the year, but they don’t go below the 17°C.

Also, expect super high prices and a lot of crowds. There are plenty of ticket and hotels packages that can make your trip easier. Make sure to choose the most convenient one and book as early as possible.

Rio de Janeiro best summer destinations 2016

Rio de Janeiro Hotels

Seattle: Ambiance, green parks, events

You will live in Seattle the American summer ambiance:  Vivacious streets, outdoor cinemas, free bikes,  many events and toothsome ice cream.

The city is very green with many parks and lush spaces. It’s also a cultural and business hub, housing many international organizations and organizing different entertainment activities.You will adore the magnificent views of the city skyline, the Cascade mountains from the east and the Olympic mountains from the west.

Summer is the driest season to visit Seattle. The temperatures are moderate and don’t exceed 24°C in average.  

Seattle best summer destinations 2016

Seattle Hotels

Bavaria: Alps, castles, National parks

Bavaria is one of the best travel destinations in Germany. Situated in the south, it’s granted with a unique beauty, natural views and deep-rooted history.

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, known for its historic monuments and technology advancement. Nuremberg is a city with 950 years of history known for its majestic castles, beautiful churches and royal residences. The Bavarian Alps, are a major tourist destination in Germany. In summer, it’s a perfect place to cool up, bike, hike, admire the breathtaking views or stay in one of the resorts.  

You can’t miss the world-known Neuschwanstein Castle, Hitler’s mountain retreat, the Eagle’s Nest, the oldest national park in Germany, Limes and Altmühl Nature Park, Starnberg Five Lakes region, Füssen and King Ludwig’s castles and the Bavarian Forest.

Bavaria Germany best summer destinations 2016

Bavaria Hotels

Japan: Festivals, fireworks, mountain climbing

It’s true that  the summer in Japan can be really hot, but it’s also the season of festivals and fireworks.

There are plenty of reasons that make Japan one of the best summer destinations: First, colorful festivals and cultural events are countless, the city become filled with food stalls, locals in their beautiful outfit, dance performances and musical concerts.

Second, you will see one the most marvelous fireworks. Third, summer is the season of mountain climbing, mainly the mountain Fuji. You can join the mass to climb up and down the volcano with the best facilities and conditions. Moreover, you can enjoy Scuba diving, visit national parks, eat delicious food and explore the rich Japanese culture.

Japan best summer destinations 2016

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