United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK), also called Britain, is located in the north west of Europe. It’s the union of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom has a population of 64,1 million people and a total area of 244.820 sq km.

In the UK, the Queen Elizabeth II’s government is a Constitutional monarchy and the government is led by the Prime Minister David Cameron who makes decisions with the approval of the Cabinet.

The United Kingdom has the world’s fifth-largest economy, and a very high human development and purchasing power indexes. It’s a developed, modern and powerful county.

The UK has also many natural resources, such as coal, natural gas, petroleum, tin, salt, limestone, iron ore and many other materials. 

The country is famous by the River Severn, it’s 220 mile long. The river rises from Wales and flows to the Bristol Channel. There are also many lakes such as Lough Neagh and Loch Morar, and mountains like Ben Nevis located in Scotland.

Places in United Kingdom

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