Outdoor activities:

Nature lovers will be pleased to climb the variety of mountains slopes (famous Mount Kinabalu and Gununig Tahan) in search of an amazing sunset, go through the wonderful jungles of “Penang national park” or explore the gorgeous Mulu Caves. If you’re a water sports fan don’t miss visiting the outstanding islands of the archipelago by Jet ski and discover the wonderful underwater world in the under marine parks.

Cultural tours:

It’s interesting to admire the history and traditions of the Malaysian people through guided tours in inhabitant cultural villages and explore the locals lifestyle like fishing and hunting.

Taste the charm of traditional dances and the exciting Malaysian wedding parties or see the colorful historical picture of Malaysia through a variety of the world’s most beautiful museums and exhibits (Sabah museum,Negara, Malaysia wax museum…)

Before leaving, feast your eyes on a splending panoramic view of Kota Kinabalu “The place where the eye lingers”

Art and Museums:

The rich and colorful artistic picture reflects the multicultural background of the country. There are plenty of galleries and museums internationally renowned such as Alliance Francaise, Taksu and Gallery Petronas full of contemporary artworks that will take your breath away. Enjoy a great journey through the street art of Malaysia in Penang, a unique street in the world that tells the story of the country in pictures.

The food:

The cuisine is so diverse and delicious and shows a rich variety of spices, herbs and especially sea ingredients all full of flavors. Popular dishes like Ketupat, Mee Rebus and Butter crab will leave an unforgettable sensation in your mouth.

As the Malaysians are a very welcoming people, you may have the chance attend a traditional feast and enjoy the great familial atmosphere and be back home with a lot of secret family recipes.