Why should you visit Europe:

Europe is a perfect vacation destination all round the year: Winter is glowed with Christmas markets and lights, pure with the white snow and warm with the hot natural springs while summer is festive with parties and refreshing with turquoise seas. During spring and Autumn, the weather is temperate and the parks are colorful.  

Europe is great for adventures, new experience and funny activities. The safety, modernity and excellent organization of the top touristy cities, make Europe an ideal destination for solo travelers, young travelers and families.

European countries have different cost of living, so anyone can explore this part of the world even for a small budget.

Cities like Bratislava, Prague and Budapest are very affordable and beautiful.

With the Schengen Visa system that allows a free travel between all European Union countries, and the rapid and organized train network, traveling across Europe is becoming easier, cheaper, and much more practical.

Exploring the Area:

From Dublin to Moscow, the North sea to the Mediterranean sea, each part of Europe is more wonderful than the other.

On the cold North, where the happiest people in the world live, the Scandinavian countries have a unique magnificence. The wild nature of Norway, the beautiful Danish architecture and the 14 islands of Stockholm are worth exploring.

On the west, the mysteries of Iceland and the specific traditions of the Irish are attracting more tourists over years.

The United Kingdom, and its dazzling capital London, is one of the most visited cities in the world. The royal parks, inveterate castles and great abbeys,  make London a city of noblesse and splendor.

One the other hand, Paris has one of the world’s most visited attractions: Louvre Museum and Tower Eiffel. It’s the city of lights, romance, fashion and art.

Not far away, Amsterdam impresses its visitor with stunning buildings, the popular windmills, cheese factories, colourful flower market and vibrant nightlife.  

Berlin is a major business and cultural hub in Europe for its numerous museums and galleries, deep history, modern infrastructure and countless events.  

While Vienna is the classy and mighty heart of central Europe, Prague architecture and Bled nature reminds of fairy tales.

Climbing the Swiss Alps, riding a gondola in Venice, lying on the beaches of French Reviera are from the numerous must do activities in Europe.

The Eastern countries, are not less beautiful. They are packed with hidden gems and impressive natural spots.

On the South the Portuguese coastlines, the impressive Spanish ambiance and innumerable Romanian historical sites as well as the picturesque mediterranean islands, make of Europe more admirable.

Eating and Drinking:

When it comes to eating and drinking, Europe wins the top rewards by excellence. The European or Western cuisine is very diversified in meals and desserts.

Foodies can taste the best of Italian pizza and Gelato in Rome, or experience the French haute cuisine in Bordeaux.

The Mediterranean cuisine is among the best too: Nothing better than eating a Spanish tapas in a lifelike Barcelona square or a Greek grilled meat on the top of Santorini Island.

Europe is the continent of delights: Swiss and Belgian chocolate, Austrian and German cakes, French croissant and crepes are by far the world’s best sweets.

Europe also is the place where you can can have a romantic dinner on the top of Eiffel tower, or taste the most exquisite meals on the top of gigantic mountain or drink a savory refreshing juice mix contemplating the sandy beaches.

Restaurants serving traditional meals can be easily found in the big cities.