Travel to Spain

Spain is the land of fiestas, a country full of life, dancing on the rhythm of flamenco. Be prepared to enjoy the biggest and most original festivals of the world such as La Tomatina, San Ferman fiesta, the carnival of Santa Cruz Tenerife, the Semana Santa Holy week and the famous San Juan beach party.

Every corner of the country breathes music. Flamenco, the traditional music of Spain will touch your soul deep. The country invites you all year-long to sensual flamenco and America Latino music performances.

Spain is also granted with breathtaking natural sights. It holds 15 magnificent national parks and a variety of amazing beaches lying under its warm glowing sun.

What makes this land even more beautiful is the generosity and large smile of its people. Spanish consider life as a joy, a party where everyone is invited. You will feel yourself comfortably at home.

Incredible buildings, stunning cathedrals, majestic architecture style, a promenade through Spain ancient monuments will totally blow your mind. Alhambra, Casa Milla, Alcazar de Seville are fabulous historical monuments.

Spain is also a country of art. It’s the birthplace of the world’s most inspiring artists such as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Antoni Gaudi. Famous art galleries such as The Museu Picasso, The Prado, Mad is Mad are a must see for every art lover.

Cooking for Spanish is a passion. From tasty tapas to delicious seafood, dishes are packed with flavors and served with much love. It’s a waste to leave Spain without trying the famous Tortilla, the Gaspacho and the Pulpo a la gallega.