Barcelona visa

The Spain visa is arranged by the embassy/ consulate of Spain or a third party such as an external visa service provider. However only the Spanish immigration authorities are responsible of issuing the visa.

  •  First check if you need a visa for a short visit to Spain.
  • Take an appointment online, fill in the application form, print it and take it with the required documents to the embassy or visa service provider.
  • The visa fees are €60 and the processing time takes generally 15 days.
  • The Spain visa duration is 90 days extendable under specific conditions.
  • There is no guarantee of the visa approval even if you take all required documents and you have sufficient financial resources to cover your trip. Therefore don’t purchase any flight tickets until you get the visa.
  • For more tips and information about the Spain visa procedures, the application steps and the required documents, check how to get a Schengen visa.