barcelona weather


From March until May, temperatures increase gradually. The average temperature are around 12°C in March, 14°C in April and 16°C in May.

Evenings remain cool until late May but it’s recommend to always pack  a jacket. You can profit of sunny days and cloudless blue sky as the average of sunshine hours are 8 per day. It’s expected to rain for around 6 days each month.


The summer lasts between June and September. The weather is hot but more bearable comparing to other Mediterranean cities.

The average high temperature reaches 28°C in July and August. The average temperatures during June and September are around 20°C. It usually don’t drop under 17°C. The summer is a perfect time to enjoy the magical Barcelona’s coastlines.

Many intersecting winds passes by Barcelona, since it’s positioned in the “wild coast”.  This makes the city’s beach perfect for all water activities.

Autumn :

During October and November, the weather is still warm but temperatures begin to drop. In November, the average high temperature falls to 18°C. Only five hours of sunshine per day can be expected. The early mornings are foggy and the nights are cool with an average temperature of 6°C.

October is the wettest month of the year with around 20 rainy days.


The winter is cold and cloudy with an average temperature of 10°C. Barcelona weather is not snowy and the winter is not freezing. So you can do tours and enjoy the city’s sightseeing.

There are only around 7 days of rain each month in December, January and February.

Best time to visit Barcelona:

The summer is the peak tourist season of Barcelona due to the warm and sunny weather and the opportunity it offers to enjoy beach and water sports.

However, if you want to avoid the crowds and save money, you’re advised to take a trip at late spring: Temperatures are warm, flight fares are low and festivals are numerous.