Madrid travel holidays

Madrid is known for its rich museums and great art galleries.

It’s the home town of 20th century art legend Pablo Picasso, Dalí and Miró. This city hosts world class art galleries in particular the Museo Del Prado and Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

The glamour of historic monuments and the creativity of innovative buildings, make every masterpiece in Madrid’s streets just indescribable. From the astonishing cathedrals like La Almudena to the extravagant modern confections like Tours KIO, Madrid will leave you speechless.

But what will make you adore the city is the energy of everyday life added to the warm feeling of being at home. It’s a very friendly city where everyone is welcome. 

What makes Madrid more special is the charm of poetic dinners on the rhythm of flamenco in the city of fine gastronomy. Your trip can’t be complete without tasting sumptuous dishes like the cocido madrileño and famous tortilla de patata.

The nightlife is animated. Restaurants and clubs are everywhere full of crowds intending to party until sunrise. Also, a variety of music festivals are organized each year.