Madrid weather


Madrid weather is perfect in the spring. During March and April, some rainfall are expected. April is the wettest month of the season with 50mm of rainfall and 10 rainy days.

The average temperature increases slightly as approaching summer from 10°C during March to 15°C during May. March is usually cloudy. It has only 3 hours of sunshine per day. While during the next two months, the weather is sunny with 7 to 10 hours of sunshine daily.


Madrid knows a hot and dry weather during this period. July and August are hottest months. The temperatures reach the extremes of 25°C.  July is the sunniest month of the year.

It’s rare to rain in summer. The average of rainfall as little as 10mm.

Days are long and the city bustles with life in the afternoon. You will be pleased by the energetic city at night and the numerous outdoor events.


Madrid weather in autumn is moderate to cool. You can still expect some summer heat in September as the average of temperature can reach the 22°C.

During November, the temperatures drop to 10°C with only 2 hours of sunshine. The weather is wet at the end of the season. Expect around 9 rainy days during October and November.


Madrid’s winter is cold ,wet and somedays snowy. You will adore the city views magically covered of snow.  During this season, the average of temperature fall to around 7°C. The wettest month of the season is December having 10 rainy days and an average of 50mm rainfall. The sky is usually cloudy during this month with only 1 hour of sunshine. Which is almost the case for January and February. Despite the frequent rainfalls, there are also cloudless days during which you can savor a hot cup of chocolate in city outdoor glamorous cafés, enjoy plethora of winter sports or explore the numerous cultural events.

Best time to visit Madrid:

Each season has its advantages however it’s recommended to visit Madrid during spring especially from March to May. During this period, the city is charming with its colorful parks and green magical spaces covered of blooming flowers. You can enjoy longer days, mild temperatures and open air activities.

Another lovely period to visit Madrid is the early autumn. You can benefit from cool weather and less huddled touristic attractions.

During the autumn, a collection of exciting exhibitions and interesting events take place. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to profit from hotels price decline.