Charles bridge in Prague

Venice, Italy:

A charm that can be only found in Venice, where a multitude of routes takes place in the green nature, along the quiet rivers, passing through villages full of history and among the fabulous villas.

Elegant, precious, inimitable, entertaining, romantic: so is Venice, the pearl of the Italian tourist scene where churches, palaces, old bridges, monuments and squares tell the artistic and cultural vivacity that have marked and still mark the history of this city.

Paris, France:

Figuring out how rich in monuments, museums and discovery Paris is, will never finish. Nestled in a bend of the Seine in central Paris Basin, the City of Lights has an artistic and cultural influence that doesn’t exist elsewhere. It is also the world capital of fashion and luxury.

The Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysées street, the incredible Louvre museum and the Palace of Versailles are not what only defines Paris. The charm of this city is felt and smelled in its nature, in the small and big details. A trip to Paris is a spirit changing, relaxing, exciting, and irreplaceable experience.

London, UK:

A tourist package in London is varied with over 200 art galleries and museums, monuments, buildings Heritage, cinemas, theaters, shopping centers and markets. The impressing view of the city from the London Eye, a tour in the the Hyde park or the Windsor castle, visiting the London Bridge, are not to be missed in London.

Piccadilly circus is a very lively area with a melting pot of cultures, languages, colours and sounds. The place is a mixture of old and new: The buildings are nineteenth century but the big neon advertising signs that light up are highly modern.

At night London is a festival of light. The shops are out of sight. There are a lot of restos not to mention the crazy atmosphere of bars and English pubs. There are many street performances also.

Budapest, Hungary:

Known as “Paris of the East”, Budapest is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It was founded in 1873 with the merger of Buda and Pest. It has exceptional landscapes, vibrant ambiance and amazing nightlife.

Today the capital of Hungary, Budapest is the largest city, main political, cultural, commercial and industrial. Its special architecture, marked by its history, gives it an amazing glamour.

Also famous for its baths, the city has 118 mineral rich thermal springs with temperatures between 21 and 78°C, allowing visitors to spend a holiday with multiple benefits.

Lisbon, Portugal:

Lisbon or “Lisa” as its inhabitants call it, is an unconventional beauty. Its pastel houses scarred tags, blue waters, its trams and bridges grant it with an exceptional beauty. Its chic boutiques and rehabilitated docks recall the charm of London, while the Alfama district evokes a North African medina air.

Lisbon is beautiful, but it’s the people and personalities that are most fascinating. Their welcoming communicative energy is characterized by the element of surprise that is awaiting for visitors everywhere.

Lisbon, as a cultural mosaic is beautified with its family bistros alongside sushi bars, old canned fish stores and art deco shops.

Amsterdam, Netherlands:

The enchantment resides in every corner of Amsterdam, including its rich history and development of its tolerant society. In Amsterdam, modern architecture has developed between facades of historical buildings, giving an astonishing result. It’s also amazing with its famous Dam Square, romantic canals, interesting museums, entertainment places and colorful neighborhoods.

Because of the small size of the city, all points of interest are located within a small perimeter, making visiting them even more enjoyable. Visitors usually rent a bike and make tour to the Northern countryside to see the windmills and cheese factories.

Prague, Czech republic:

Prague is one of the world’s most beautiful and popular cities. Its parks and monuments are breathtaking. They give a feeling of life in another era. Its architecture worthy of the fairy tales is incredible, and the energy which now emanates from certain neighborhoods is a great reason to anticipate a visit to Prague.

In the evening, activities tend to diversify. Prague offers a wide range of distractions that will satisfy the curiosity of most visitors. This city, the historic heart of Bohemia, is simply ideal for a magical getaway.

Out of town, the Czech nature is wonderful and colorful. This makes the Czech Republic a favorite country for tourism. The dominant elements are mountains surrounding the state water. The Czech Republic is a country of rivers (Elbe, Vltava, Oder), ponds, mineral springs and spas.

Vienna, Austria:

Vienna in Austria is situated on the banks of the Danube. It’s a city of excellence by history: It was the capital of the Habsburg Empire for almost seven centuries and that of Austria from 1918, post the First War. Its history shaped the architecture dramatically and was deeply marked by the first queen. The result is clearly seen today: A mass of contradictions bombast and obsolescence, tinsel dull classicism and modernity.

From the outset, Vienna amazes with its romantic setting and flamboyant architecture that has earned it a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its monuments, mostly outstanding, perfectly fit the prestige of this amazing city. It’s a pleasure to stroll through these sumptuous avenues. Vienna proved to be timeless with its blare and its music chamber, halfway between a magical journey through time and a walk in a dusty museum town.

Berlin, Germany:

The city of Berlin became the capital of reunified Germany in 1991, is located at the northeast tip of the country. Today it’s a tourist town that rises and seduces young travelers. Dynamic, modern, creative, Berlin has some beautiful assets and is perfect for an extraordinary trip starting with the reputation of its parties and shows.

A visit to Berlin is very pleasant, as the city is particularly airy, traffic is not oppressive and Berliners not very stressed. A green and large city that offers the real feel of freedom and amazement. Its natural spaces (parks, forests and lakes) represent 30% of the area.