Al Ain National Museum

Al Ain National Museum is the oldest museum in the UAE. It’s located next to the Sultan Fort in the Al Ain city within Abu Dhabi.

Source: Leonid Andronov

The museum showcases the country’s 7500 years history and culture with emphasis on the region of the Ain. It’s divided into two main parts: The ethnographic section and the archeological section.  

The Archaeological section exhibits precious pieces for the Stone Age to Islamic period. There is a variety of artifacts, pottery, weapons, jewellery, stone vessels, coins and items made of flint and copper.

The Ethnographic section showcases the Bedu traditions and lifestyle before the oil discovery. It displays objects related to the traditional daily life from work and teaching to house and marriage. It includes fishing and weaving equipment, traditional costumes, recreational and educative objects. There are also old musical and art instruments.

The Ain museum reflects the rich history and culture of the United Emirates