Alexanderplatz is a popular public square and traffic junction in Berlin. It’s a very known meeting place near the Fernsehturm.

Alexanderplatz Berlin

World Time Clock Alexanderplatz – Photo credit: Ricardo Ramírez Gisbert/Flickr 

Alexanderplatz original name is OX market but was renamed Alexander after the visit of the Russian Tzar Alexander I in 1805. The square became a huge transport hub and the successive constructions made the area more developed, attractive and organized.

Like major attractions of Berlin, Alexanderplatz knew a large damage during the second world war. Plans were implemented to relive the square again to become a great showcase of Socialist architecture.

The most attracting landmark of the square is the TV tower that can be seen from all parts of the city. The 365 meter tall tower has a very impressive and simple architecture formed of a concrete shaft and a metal sphere on the top.

The square is also home to the international friendship fountain, a series of six meter tall basins symbolically decorated and the world clock known as a rendezvous point. The original construction of the clock is a column planted in the center of a wind rose with on top of it a twenty-four-sided cylinder each side depicting a time zone.

Alexanderplatz houses also the most reputed restaurants, shopping centers, cafés and entertaining centers of Berlin.