Aquaria KLCC

Join family and friends in a unique and refreshing experience in the depth of the ocean. With more than 5000 exhibits, feeding shows, spacious tunnels and aquariums, the fun never ends at Aquaria KLCC.

Aquaria KLCC

Aquaria KLCC is a great tourist attraction situated within a walking distance from Kuala Lumpur major sightseeing.

Known as the largest aquarium in the world, it features 150 species. You can watch blu rays, colorful tropical fishes, sea snakes, tiger sharks and giant marine creatures including gar fish, arapaimas and other menacing such as white sharks, dragon and viper fishes..

The habitats are beautifully presented to match the species natural environment which makes cheerful for visitors to walk between thousands of exhibits.

Visitors can take part of the discovery hunt where they have to focus on interesting exhibits to find hints. They can also feed the Malaysian giant water monsters or spend a night in Aquaria KLCC watching the superb creatures dancing above their heads.