Asam’s Church

Located on the Sendlingerstraße, the St. Johann Nepomuk or as called the Asam Church is a Baroque church with a great Baroque architecture.

mfellnerphoto @Flickr

Asam’s Church was Built between 1733 and 1764 by the Asam brothers architects Cosmas Damian Asam and Egid Quirin Asam. 

The interior was designed to have three vertical sections according to the brightness: The lower section is dark referring to the suffering of the world. The middle part is white and blue symbolizing the emperor. The upper section is illuminated and colorfully painted and it’s devoted to God the the eternity.

The private church has a captivating sculptors, astonishing oil paintings and frescoes and luxurious design. The church is one of the most beautiful and glorious Baroque buildings in Germany.