Barcelona Camp Nou Stadium

The Barcelona Camp Nou tour is the dream experience for every football lover. The tour provides all informations about the F.C. club from its birth in 1898, all his triomphes as well as the behind the scenes moments.

Barcelona Camp Nou Stadium

Photo credit: Damien McMahon/Flickr

Barcelona Camp Nou Stadium is one of the greatest and most famous football stadiums in the the world. The tour is self guided all you have to do is follow the signs. You can also buy an audio guide at the entrance.

The F.C. Barcelona Camp Nou experience starts from a 10 minute 3D showing famous moments from some football matches. Visitors get to visit the player visitor’s changing room and take an idea about numerous facilities. The FC chapel where players make their last prayer before the match is included.

Enjoy walking through the players tunnel to the pitch and imagine the stadium full of fans. The tour includes also the press and foundation rooms, the Miro lithograph dedicated to the team, the 5 star and presidents plaque, the press boxes and Barcelona FC museum.

The museum is devoted to the club history and glories. It’s divided to three sections: At the history gallery, you approach the club treasures, numerous cabinets fulfilled with precious trophies and the European Champion’s league cup. The second part focuses on football art collections housing memorabilia and art works related to this sport and the third part is a temporary gallery.