Batu caves

Batu Caves is a limestone caves at the top of a hill in Selangor. It encompass cave temples, Hindu temples, shrines and a huge golden status.

Batu Cave Enterance

Murugan statue at Batu Caves entrance – Photo credit: Rob Alter/Flickr

Climbing the 272 steps of Kuala Lumpur breathtaking Batu caves is worth the effort. It’s a top touristic destination for travelers from all around the world and a sacred place for hindus.

Batu Caves are a 100 years old Hindu temples located only 11 kilometers to the north of Kuala Lumpur. The special landmark is very popular especially during the colorful Thaipusam. It’s formed of three large caves known as Temple cave, Art Gallery cave and Dark cave. The highlight of the famous site is the 42.7 meter high statue of Lord Murugan made of concrete and steel bars and covered with a gold paint.

To visit the biggest cave which is the temple cave, you need to climb a 272 stair steps. The site features numerous hindu shrines under a 100 meters high ceiling. The Art gallery cave at the start of the staircase showcases hindu traditions and deities in paintings and statues. The labyrinth of other caves invites visitors to explore the fascinating beauty of nature. The unique landscape provides awesome views of the region.