Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall was the  barrier that divided German people for 30 years. It was the symbol of the Cold War and the repression of human rights.

Berlin Wall

Photo credit: Matt Biddulph/Flickr

After the end of the second world war, Germany was separated into two geographic parts and Berlin being on the border, had to be divided. West Germany was occupied by the Soviet Union while East Germany was under control of three Allied powers France, Great Britain and United States.

As East Germany started to grow rapidly after war, other part of the country knew a restriction in liberties and a huge economical damage. As a result, massive emigration started from west Berlin to east and authorities came with the idea of building a wall to prevent any intrusion. The construction happened instantly and after the night of 12 August 1962, people from both parts could no more meet again. The Berlin Wall caused sufferance for Berlin citizens during 28 years and had to be removed after huge demonstrations from both parts in 1989.

Today, the Berlin Wall memorial is a remain of the construction. Located in the Bernauer Strasse, visitors come here to take a close look at the wall that once separated German people and to visit the documentation center which displays the history of the wall from construction to fall and the dramatic events that happened on its border.