Casa Campo Madrid

Casa Campo is the biggest park in Madrid spanning over 1700 hectares.


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Casa Campo was a royal hunting land for Spanish until 1931 when it was turned to a parc to entertain the citizens. This park is a lovely place in western Madrid where locals and visitors enjoy the plethora of amusing attractions.

Casa Campo has a very popular lake. It was made of five artificial ponds, reaches 10 feet and is great for swimming, fishing and kayaking. Casa Campo is also about kids fun. There is a joyful amusement park with a smashing ferris wheel, three roller coasters, a carousel and plenty of games waiting to be tried. Children can meet their prefered cartoons personnages such as Spongebob and Dora in the Nickelodean zone. The Casa Campo zoo is a must see for the park visitors.

It takes you in all parts of the world thanks to its rich wildlife. Close to 3000 animals added to a dolphin tank and a sensational aquarium can be admired from close. To make your visit memorable you should also try the cable car from Paseo del Pintor Rosales. The park includes plenty of family amenities such as restaurants and coffees. At summer the park becomes a lively stage for concerts.