Casa Mila (La pedrera)

Casa Mila is an iconic landmark of Barcelona better known as La Pedrera and was renowned as a UNESCO world heritage.

Casa Mila Barcelona

Photo credit: Ed Menendez/Flickr

La Casa Mila showcases Gaudi’s unprecedented style. It was erected between 1905 and 1910 as an apartment and office block to the wealthy couple Pere Mila and Roser Guardiola. Today, Architects and enthusiasts come from all around the world to admire the stunning building.

The building was a first with its grey stone facades and colorful chimney pots on the roof. The design of Casa Mila is based on arches, pillars in all shapes and steel. The balconies seem like cave graved in a white rock.

The house is divided to two parts joined by a facade, the ground floor and the roof. From the rooftop the chimneys look like surrealistic artworks and the view is smashing. The upper floor is opened for visitors and holds a museum dedicated to Gaudi’s works. The interior is inspired from natural shapes so you won’t find any right angle.