Center Pompidou

Center Pompidou is a multicultural complex with an attractive colorful facade. It’s composed of the National Museum of Modern Art, a library and performance spaces.

Center Pompidou Paris

Lenise Calleja @123RF

The design of Center Pompidou, the result of an international architecture competition, is smashing and completely out of the usual. It’s mostly noticeable by its colored tubing and exterior escalators. Covered with skeleton, you can see all the building infrastructure from the outside.

The lively center is home to diverse contemporary art venues. Here you can explore Europe’s largest museum for modern art and visit the excellent center for music and acoustic researches IRCAM. It’s a chance for art lovers to admire thousands pieces of realistic, surrealistic, impressionism, conceptual… artworks in one place. Cinemas, Dance performances, photographs exhibitions and a large choice of activities and workshops take place in Center Pompidou.

At the rooftop, you can enjoy spectacular views of  Paris and buy souvenirs from the gift shop.