Charlottenburg Palace

Charlottenburg Palace is a spacious Baroque palace in the Charlottenburg district. It features fancy rooms, marvelous decorations and large gardens.

Charlottenburg Palace

Photo credit: Nigel’s Europe & beyond/Flickr

The largest palace in Berlin opens his doors for visitors to admire the grandeur of the Hohenzollern clan that reigned the region from early 15th to 20th century. Charlottenburg Palace was a summer residence built by order of the Elector Friedrich III in 1699 to his wife Sophie Charlotte which explains the name.

You can explore the flamboyant apartments of Frederick I and Queen Sophie decorated with variety of frescoes, stucco and wood paneling. The most notable rooms are to be found in the new wing that house a smashing collection of French paintings from the 18th century. The splendid dining room and ballroom are decorated with mirrors. While the sublime halls contain great collections of porcelains, paintings, sculptures and many remarkable artwork.

The Charlottenburg Palace is framed by a magnificent baroque-style garden that was originally very size modest. However it had been expanded through years. The beautiful gardens were created in a French style to resemble to gardens of Versailles. The rectangular one is the Neuer Pavillon designed by the great Karl Friedrich Schinkel. The Belvedere in the Northern corner of the garden, is a smaller palace designed by the architect of the Brandenburg Gate. It boasts an interesting collection of the eighteenth-century porcelain. On the western part of the gardens, you will find a temple. It’s where Queen Luise was buried.