Dachau Concentration Camp

Dachau Concentration Camp is the first Nazi concentration camp opened in Germany where many political prisoners were kept.



The main exhibition at the Dachau Concentration Camp is the Memorial Site.

The exhibition focuses on the life of the prisoners at the camp: Their past and their fate.

There are also exhibitions about the Nazi camp system, the history of the Nazi dictatorship and the success of the German military in the war.

It’s highly recommended to plan for a guided tour and explore the history of a 12 years prison and armaments factory. The camp includes a Museum, a Memorial Site, the administration, the Archive and the Library.

It’s true that this is not a cheerful activity but t it’s an experience of a different kind. Being inside torture cells and thinking about what the prisoners have lived within these walls is worth experiencing.

Note: There is no need for appointment for the museum and the memorial site, however, an appointment is needed for the Administration, Archive and Library