Dora The Explorer Live – Abu Dhabi 2016

Abu Dhabi is hosting again the great show of Dora the Explorer and her friends, one of the most popular television shows in the world, by Nickelodeon.


This year, Dora the Explorer and her friends are going to bring a whole new show full of great new exploring adventures. The adventure of 2016, will be about an exciting trip looking for the treasure. Dora’s Pirate Adventure will include many fascinating scenes like navigating over the dancing mountain and the Singing bridge, followed by the Pirate Kitties.

The show will be about an interaction between Dora, her friends, and the audience in order to help her finding clues and reading the map. Kids and elders will be both enjoying a unique adventure with many funny, educational, exciting, and joying missions. In addition to the motivating Dora songs and musicals.