East Side Gallery

Along 1.3 km, the East Side Gallery is a part of Berlin Wall that feature amazing graffiti work by more than 100 artists. The gallery is a memorial for freedom and a celebration of the wall fall.

East side gallery

Considered as the longest open air gallery in the world, the East side gallery is a famous landmark of Berlin.

The east part of Berlin wall was dedicated to express opinions through impressive and touching graphites and paintings of 118 artists from all around the world. This magical place takes you in a trip through Berlin years of sufferance during the city division and reflects citizens dream of reunification and a bright future. The series of 105 colorful artworks run over one kilometer and add a unique charm to Berlin.

Being exposed to weather conditions, erosion and  vandalism, the East side gallery endured significant damages and major paintings had to be rehabilitated in 2009.

East side gallery

the euskadi 11/Flickr