English Garden

Located at Bavaria, the centre of Munich, and reaching the northeastern of the city, this large park was created by Sir Benjamin Thompson in 1789.

Photo credit: Polybert49

The English Garden of Munich is considered as one of the biggest urban parks in the world. The Park’s doors are open to public 24h a day and for free. It’s a perfect place for varied outdoor activities: Scrolling around, jogging, cycling, reading, enjoying the serene views, and even sunbathing during summer.

This green oasis is also crossed by The Eisbach, which is an artificial flow of canals where even surfing is possible. Visitors enjoy swimming and living the beach experiences within the park.

At the south end of the park, located the Japanese Garden and the Japanese house where Japanese tea ceremony is always held and visitors enjoy drinking the delicious Japanese tea within this teahouse and surrounded by the most beautiful and attractive plants and flowers.

Expect many events, shows and live concerts planned within the park.