Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida

Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida is one of Madrid's most popular chapels, it's renowned for its decoration by Goya.

Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida

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The outside is beautiful however the colors and decorations of the inside are mind blowing. The magnificent chapel was built on the site of two precedent chapels built in 1730s.

The current building was erected from 1792 to 1798 on a design of Felipe Fontana during reign of King Carlos IV. The king commissioned to the most renowned artist of the era to make the chapel one of the most amazing in Spain. Goya used a very developed technique to paint the portray miracles of Saint Anthony de Padua raising a dead however the frescoes shows contemporary Madrid instead of 13th century background.

In 1919, later after the artist’s death, his remainings were transferred to the chapel from Bordeaux where he died in 1828. An identical chapel was constructed in 1928 to avoid damaging the paintings of the original one.

Ermita de San Antonio de la Florida knows a famous procession every 13 juin when unwed woman come to pray at the chapel for a partner.