Firepower – The Royal Artillery Museum

Firepower is a military museum built on 1820. It tells the story of the Royal Artillery.

Firepower London

Discover thousands years of weapons history in the firepower. The museum doesn’t only show the development of different engines through the years but mostly it narrates the story of soldiers that gave their lives for their country and shows their braveness and nationalism.

The interesting collections from early 14th century to the world wars have a national and international significance. They include spectacular and unique pieces: Guns, military uniforms, side arms, headwears…They display the artillery used during war: missile launchers, anti aircraft, anti-tank…

There are numerous books, archives, battle plans, documentaries, films and photographs that describe in details the battle scenes and reveal all about the military history.

The Firepower presents you a lot of interesting information through its five main collections:

  • The Gunnery Hall: Collection of the 20th century weapons.
  • Field of Fire: An interactive exhibition with special effects and sounds.
  • The History Gallery: The history of the Royal Artillery.
  • Medals Gallery: The exhibition of numerous medals won by members of Royal Artillery.
  • Modern Gunner: Telling the story of Gunners today.