Franciscan Church (Franziskanerkirche Salzburg)

A very famous attraction of Salzburg, Franciscan Church, is an old church with a splendid mix of architectural styles.

Franciscan Church Salzburg

Franciscan Church origins date back to the 8th century. Like many historic monuments, the church served important functions and was ravaged and restored several times.

The original church was rebuilt in the 15th century with an inspiring gothic style and and played an important role as a Parish church devoted to Virgin Mary. There was a slender tower added to emphasize the attractiveness of the church however it was removed for being higher than the cathedral.

The interior decorations makes all the beauty of the church, due to the renovation made by Johann Bernhard. One of the numerous highlights to see is the 12th century marble lion in the pulpit steps. Also, the high Altar, an astonishing 15th century masterpiece made of red marble and gold with a Madonna statue in the middle. The nine chapels reflect beautifully the baroque style with one of them holding a sublime altar.

Franciscan Church is one of the most sacred and dignified places in Salzburg.