The Gendarmenmarkt is always referred to the most beautiful square in Germany. It comprises an ensemble of impressive buildings and hosts annual events and celebrations.

Gendarmenmarkt Berlin

Located at the center of old Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt is a magnificent square housing architectural and historical masterpieces. Almost every visitor affirms that Gendarmenmarkt is the most impressive square in Berlin and even in Europe. The square houses three renowned monuments: The concert hall Konzerthaus and two seemingly identical churches.

The oldest site is the French church built between 1701 and 1705 by a French religious community named the Huguenots. The prestigious monument invites visitors to discover the Huguenot history at the museum, have a fine meal in its enchanting restaurant and get incredible pictures of the square from the viewing platform.

At the opposite side of Gendarmenmarkt, stands splendidly the German church built initially in 1708 by Giovanni Simonetti and rebuilt in 1993 after a complete destruction in the war. Today its museum is considered among the best to get informed about the German history.

The concert hall is a the result of splendid work by the architect Karl Friedrich Schinkel. It organizes over 55  great performances of the Berlin Symphonic Orchestra annually. The graceful statue situated at the center of Gendarmenmarkt honors the remarkable German poet Friedrich Schiller.

During Christmas market, the square turned into a magical place with lights, shops, performers and tourists.

The great historical monuments added to glamorous restaurants and cafes make Gendarmenmarkt a must see.