Globe theatre (Shakespeare’s Globe)

Globe theatre is one of the world's most famous theatres as it’s associated with William Shakespeare.

Photo credit: Marcus Meissner/Flickr

The original building of Globe theatre is back to 16th century. But when demolished after civil war, it was rebuilt as similar as possible to the first one. The building architecture itself is surprising. It looks like Rome Coliseum, only in smaller size. It’s distinguished by an open roof from reed thatch and walls covered with lime plaster.

Globe theatre was originally an Elizabethan playhouse and has a long history linked to Shakespeare plays. Till today the iconic theatre welcomes thousands of enthusiasts to attend  the legendary artist most famous plays.

The iconic landmark is also a fun family space. It holds during summer the Literary Festival with entertaining reading teepees and puppet shows. You will also adore the charming restaurant, the children playground and the souvenir shop. 

Globe theatre is located in the riverbank of River Thames close to the cultural quarter so you can profit of other interesting venues after your visit.