Hamburg Rathaus

Built in 1887, the Hamburg Rathaus or the Hamburg’s city center Old Town is also called the City Hall.

The building is just astonishing, it’s very large (17,000 m2) and constructed in a beautiful Neo-Renaissance style. It’s really one of the must see landmarks of the city.

At first sight from the outside, you’ll be attracted by the clock tower and the 20 statues of emperors. Then, at the entrance hall, there are 16 sandstone pillars painted with 68 figures of important citizens of Hamburg.

Hamburg Rathaus is one of the 16 state parliaments of Germany where several important meetings are made.

It’s recommended to take one of the available guided tours (available in both English and German) in order to explore some of the 647 rooms of the City Hall. But the lobby is always open to the public and there are several concerts and exhibitions held there.