Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is a spacious public park in London covering an area of 320 hectares.

Hampstead Heath

Photo credit: Paul Robertson/Flickr

Hampstead Heath is a green open space, ideal for getting refreshed and inspired. Here you can enjoy a quiet evening or participate in fun activities such as camping, runs, collective sports…

Contemplate spectacular views from the parliament hill or swim in the of Hampstead heath natural swimming ponds and large pools accessible year round.

An important part of this magical area is Golders Hill Park zoo including rare collections of mammals, birds, lemurs… Also, the butterfly house featuring different beautiful species of butterflies and their life cycle.

At Hampstead Heath, you are free to choose between croquet lawn, football matches, swimming courses, tennis table and numerous of delightful activities. Children are involved in many activities too and there are specific playgrounds for them.