Hareem Al Sultan Exhibition at Dubai

The Hareem Al Sultan Exhibition is coming to Dubai for the first time.

After a success in Doha, the Turks are coming to take Dubai to the mighty Ottoman era.

The exhibition is based on, Hareem al Sultan, a phenomenon Turkish series that was broadcasted in more than 40 countries and had an international audience of 200 million viewers. The series tell the story of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman and his family.

On an area of 600-square metre, the exhibition will showcase the life in Topkapi Palace, the Private Chamber of Sultan Suleiman and the Imperial Harem.

The exposition displays 13 magnificent scenes and 25 hyper-realistic silicone sculptures of the series famous characters such as the Sultan Suleiman, Hürrem Sultan and Ibrahim Pasha of Parga.

With the opulent décor, beautiful costumes and more than 300 accessories, you will get the chance to feel the deep Othman history and discover closely its magnificent culture.