Haus der Natur Salzburg

The Haus der Natur Salzburg is a museum of natural history in Salzburg featuring a Science Center, an aquarium, a reptile zoo, a dinosaur hall, a space show and more.

Haus der Natur

The Haus der Natur is one of the most interesting museums to visit in Salzburg. It offers interactive exhibitions about all aspects of nature, the most developed science research and world technologies.

The Museum is very close to Mönchsberg south St Blasius church. It’s surrounded by many interesting monuments.

All departments and exhibitions are very interesting. The exceptional human development gallery promotes a fascinating trip in human body. While, in the science center, there are around 80 innovating experience such as guided flying, creating music with you body or providing electricity power with turbines. You also have the opportunity to put your hands on the latest technological items. The most amazing part of the Haus der Natur are the aquariums. All sort of sea creatures dive in harmony in more than 40 high developed  aquariums: From colorful tropical fishes to reef shark.

Moreover, the outstanding museum will take you back to the beginning of life. All kind of immense dinosaurs are gathered here from ice age appearing very lifelike.

For people curious about the by the incredible reptiles world, a huge exhibition showcases many species of reptiles.

Haus der Natur