Hellbrunn Palace

Hellbrunn Palace is a Baroque mansion in the south of Salzburg, marvelous with its large grounds and unique trick fountains.

Hellbrunn castle Salzburg

Hellbrunn Palace is one of the favorite tourist destination in Salzburg. It’s the best place to enjoy a family outing day.

The 400 years old Hellbrunn palace was built on order of prince Archbishop Markus Sittikus which wanted to entertain his many guests. The construction is a great example of the Mannerist architecture. Stunning ballrooms, elegant furniture and beautifully decorated walls with street scenes, Hellbrunn castle is sublimes every visitor.

The trick fountains make all the fun. Look for them in every corner of the palace and gardens. They are well hidden and you can’t expect from which direction water comes to you.

The green spaces around the castle include Salzburg zoo, where different kind of rare animals are gathered in one place. At the zoo, you will feel like in the heart of the jungles, on the glacial side of the world or on tropical beaches.

The fantastic palace offers mysterious and funny experiences.

Hellbrunn castle

Markus Battisti @123rf