Heritage village

The Heritage Village is a re-creation of a traditional Emirati village offering an interesting view about the bedouin lifestyle and the Emirati history.

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The Heritage Village is a worth visit cultural landmark where you will discover the desert way of life and UAE’s rich heritage through many activities and attractions.

It’s an open museum that includes Arabic themed restaurants, handicrafts workshops, family-friendly activities and more.

There is a small souk where different types of traditional and handmade goods are sold such as: Jewellery, clothes, soap, spices and dried herbs.

There is also a demonstration of the falaj irrigation system used to irrigate the oasis in the UEA and the traditional cooling tower.

Moreover, there is an indoor museum displaying weapons, jewellery, traditional objects and old photos showcasing Abu Dhabi before the oil discovery.

While you are in the village, you will enjoy watching the falconry, have a cup of Arabic coffee near to campfires and bedouin tents and admire the beauty of the Arabian horses and camels. You will also get the chance to participate in art workshops of glass blowing, metal work, pottery, Henna painting, weaving and spinning.

The village have a waterfront, where you can sit and admire the clear water, the racing boats and the Abu Dhabi wonderful skyline.