Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival 2016

Dragon Boat Festival is a special event planned for more than 2,000 years originally in China and now in different places in the world. You will get the chance to live a unique Chinese experience in the heart of London.

As a memorial for the famous Chinese scholar Qu Yuan, China plans The Dragon Boat Festival or the Duanwu Festival, on the fifth day of the fifth month on the Chinese lunar calendar.

The festival is a traditional holiday consisting of:

  • Eating zongzi (sticky rice stuffed with varied fillings and wrapped in bamboo leaves).
  • Racing dragon boats: As per the legend people took their boats trying to save the famous poet Qu Yuan who committed suicide on the river, teams are competing each year with their dragon shaped boats and trying to win the race. A the front of the boat, there is always one member of the team beating a drum to encourage his mates. They believe that the winning team will bring the good luck and happiness to the people of their village.
  • Wearing a Perfume Pouch
  • Tying Five-colour Silk Thread
  • Hanging mugwort leaves and calamus on the top of the doors in order to expel diseases.

The London Chinatown Lions Club will organise the festival for the second time, offering for the locals and tourists an amazing cultural entertainment.

The exiting boat racing will be accompanied with popular live music, dance performances and a range of pleasant activities and attractions such as: The traditional Chinese Lion Dancing, Art exhibitions, cultural and comedy theatrical shows, Asian food festival, games for kids and families, Face painting and balloon modeling.

You will be able to experience the Chinese culture in a convivial atmosphere.

Event schedule: 

8.30 am: Team Boat Registration.
10.00 am:  Racing Competition Starts.
12.00 pm: Entertainment Commences.
12.30 pm: Dragon Eye-Dotting Ceremony. 
12.45 pm: Speeches.
5.30 pm: Dragon Boat Racing Finals.
5.45 pm: Trophies Presentation.
5.55 pm: Raffle Draw.
6.00 pm: Closing.