International Maritime Museum

The International Maritime Museum is a private museum that contain interesting collection of Peter Tamm displaying three thousand years worth of maritime history.


The International Maritime Museum contains varied and precious items such as historical model ships, construction plans, over one million photographs, uniforms, more than 40,000 pieces related to maritime art and furniture.

The museum is located at a gorgeous building, the Kaispeicher B, which is one of the oldest warehouse structure and is considered as a unique piece of art by itself.

Within this special building, these heritage of collections are displayed over 10 floors.

Visitors can plan special events in the museum like kids’ birthday parties.

The floors:

  • Ground floor: Shop and restaurant
  • 1st floor: Different major areas like children’s area and Explorer’s, navigation, communications area.
  • 2nd floor: Sailing ships – from antiquity to the Hanse Sail, Cape Horners and piracy
  • 3rd floor: The development of shipbuilding and engineering
  • 4th floor: Life on naval vessels, ship’s armament
  • 5th floor: Navies of the world (from 1815 to present)
  • 6th floor: Merchant shipping, cruise and ports
  • 7th floor: Marine research, energy and fisheries
  • 8th floor: Maritime Art (art gallery and “treasure trove”)
  • 9th floor: The big world of ship models, water sports
  • 10th floor: Cultural Forum “10th Longitude”, special exhibitions