Islamic Arts Museum

The Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia is the largest Islamic art museum in southeast Asia boasting one of the best decorative art collections in the Islamic world.

Islamic Arts Museum

The entrance of the Islamic Arts Museum – Photo credit: Connie Ma/Flickr

More than 7 thousands interesting artifacts are displayed on a magnificent two floors building. The architecture of Islamic Arts Museum is so entrancing for its glazed tile decoration and impressive dome. The exhibition spaces aren’t separated so visitors can move from a collection to another easily.

On the first level, you will be impressed by the scale models collection depicting the most notable Islamic buildings. In the Quran and manuscript gallery, you can find information about the art of handwriting which has great significance in islamic period. Besides, you will discover the oldest fragments of the Qur’an as well as rare books of hadith and prayers and many valuable documents. There are also three interesting galleries dedicated to India, China and Malay islamic artifacts.

On the second floor, the textile gallery includes precious fragments of clothes that once reflected religious allegiance as well as wealth and social position. The jewelry gallery is a stunner with its various and splendid collection of crowns, brooches, medals, headbands… featuring the age of Islamic grandeur.

Other enriching galleries aim to give a profound view of the Islamic history including ceramics, metal, wood, coins, arms and armors galleries.