Jacquemart Andre museum

Jacquemart Andre museum is a private museum in Paris that show outstanding European art collections mainly from the 15th to 18th century.

Jacquemart Andre museum

Close to the Arc of Triomphe, Jacquemart Andre museum is a 19th-century townhouse with a special history.

The museum was initially the house of the wealthy couple Edouard Andre and his wife the painter Nelie Jacquemart. This couple was quite special, both were passioned art collectors. They devotedly decorated their house with over 6000 precious artwork.

Most of the pieces are treasures of Bellini and Botticelli, artists of the Italian Renaissance. Like every visitor, you will fall in love with the priceless duchess paintings from the 8th century and the sophisticated sculptures spread around the house.

The 19th century house is itself a glorious building: Marble staircases, sublime furniture,  decorated roofs, diverse rooms for music, guests, studies… a fabulous garden. This place showcases the everyday life of high society combined with art.

Children will also adore the mysterious hunts games to solve in several rooms.

Jacquemart Andre museum is a charming part of Paris to enjoy with family and friends.