Kensington Palace

Discover the residence of successive duke and duchess at Kensington Palace and explore the important history of this beautiful building.

Kensington Palace London

Photo credit: Andrew and Annemarie/Flickr

The stunning Kensington Palace knew many main historical figures since it’s establishment in 17th century. It’s where the Queen Victoria was born and lived her childhood as well as the loved Queen Mary.

If you are looking for a cultural enrichment, this place offers a unique experience. The guided tours will take you deep in the nation history and key events that happened here. Discover the Kensington Palace gardens. They are a piece of art, terraced of marvelous flower beds and surrounded with exceptional fountains.

Contemplate Tapestries, crafts and sculptures beautifully decorating the rooms. Visiting Queen Mary’s private rooms is like traveling back in time. They are decorated with sumptuous furniture and a ravishing collection of porcelain.

Another interesting part of the palace is the king’s staircase: A path where great ministers, ambassadors and monarchs have passed to meet the king.

The privy chamber is not less admirable. It displays a collection of William Kent paintings from 17th century while the king’s gallery exhibits portraits of nobles and historical figures painted by world most famous artists.