Kunsthalle Hamburg

The Hamburg Kunsthalle is one of the biggest and most important art museums in Germany.


The German word “Kunsthalle” mean “Art Hall”, where precious collections of the European art will take you through seven centuries of art history starting from the middle ages to the contemporary art. The museum is composed of three major buildings: The ornamentally built in 1869, the neo-classical annex built in 1919, and the gallery of the present or the “Galerie der Gegenwart” built in 1997.

The Hamburger Kunsthalle was in a modernisation period from 11 February to 29 April. Explore the new Hamburger Kunsthalle that opened its doors to public in 30 April 2016, and see a more attractive and organized museum. The spaces will be used more efficiently and many events and activities will be organized within the museum.


Photo credit: english.hamburg.de