Lake Zurich

The lake Zurich, or the banana-shaped lake as many ones call it, is one must-see landmarks of the city.

Lake Zurich

Photo credit: SnippyHolloW/ Flickr

Extended on the southeast of Zurich, the lake Zurich has 40 kilometers length.

Along the northern side of the lake, there are the “golden coast”, where many sophisticated villas are built. On the eastern end of the lake, there are the “rose town” where many public gardens are garnished with thousands of blooming flowers.

The best way to explore the lake and enjoy picturesque views of the Swiss Alps is to to a boat tour. There are a regular boat service and many companies doing cruises, musical trips and Private tours.

You can do a 90 minutes round trip cruise, when you can admire  the lovely architecture of the city, its green and colorful parks, great Alpine view and turquoise lake water.

There are plenty of pleasing activities to do: Cycling, swimming, windsurfing, jogging, hiking, attending a musical event or just relax of the lake shore to feel the beauty of the lake.

During the winter, you can try ice-skating at the ice rinks near to the lake and visit the amazing surrounding attractions such as the Baroque church in Lachen or Lindt chocolate factory in Kilchberg.