ZSL London Zoo

Created since 1828, London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo in the world holding over 750 diversified species.

London Zoo

Photo credit: Nigel Swales/Flickr

Visiting London Zoo is like traveling to Africa, the jungles or the North pole while you’re in Regent’s Park, one of the most popular royal parks in London.

The main highlight in the zoo is the land of lions, a group of Asiatic lions which only 400 of them remain in the world.

The place gathers also different species: Meet the majestic Western Lowland Gorilla, get closer to the wide colony of Humboldt Penguins, discover the woodland of tigers and watch the lovely new born Sumatran tigers first steps. Come face to face with awesome big cats and enter the ruin of majestic amphitheatre-style Lion Temple. Children will adore the kids zoo with all kind of lovable farm animals to feed.

The visitors can spend a night in a small village of nine cabins equipped with all necessities to enjoy an exclusive nocturnal tour in the zoo and the first morning feeding.