Merdeka Square

Merdeka Square is a popular square facing the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. It has a historical value and a great significance for Malaysian.

Merdeka Square

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Known as the square of independence, Merdeka Square is the birthplace of a nation at midnight on 31st August 1957. Being the place where Malaysian flag flew for the first time, a 100 meter high flagpole and the tallest in the world was erected at the same place.

The square used to be the starting and finishing points of marathons, carnivals, concerts and open-air official events. It’s also recognized with its cricket matches as it was used as a cricket field during the British colonial era.

This praised landmark of Kuala Lumpur is framed by ravishing buildings. One of the most interesting sites to see us the Sultan Abdul Samad building. The neo moorish construction is a cultural mix of famous islamic architectures. What makes the unicity of the building is the 41 meter clock tower similar to the “Big Ben”.

There is also the national history museum displaying exhibits from the Jihor-Riau empire, megalithic ages, prehistoric and the colonial era… It’s also famous for holding 40 000 years old homo sapiens skull and 520 million years old metamorphic.

Don’t miss the central market, the St Mary’s Anglican cathedral and the green space in center of the square, suitable for a relaxing evening.