Miniatur Wunderland

Miniatur Wunderland is the biggest model railway in the world. It’s a dreamland where every aspects of life and existence seem real.

In the historic Speicherstadt district of Hamburg, our big world is represented in a miniature format. From towns, cities, districts, buildings, people, streets, bridges, lakes and rivers, attractions like St. Michaelis Church, Football Stadium, Hagenbeck Zoo, the world port, planes and boats, and all transportation means are there. There are about 1,000 trains, over 200,000 wonderland inhabitants from all ages and professions, and even animals, woods, and mountains.

There are several events, shows, and concerts happening in Miniatur Wunderland. You will feel like seeing your own world from the outside.

The biggest attraction in the Miniatur Wunderland is the Knuffingen Airport, which has been completed on May 2011. You’ll enjoy watching the airplanes landing and taking off continuously.

In this magical small world, the day lasts 15 minutes instead of 24 hours. All the details are properly made, audio and visual effects and lighting system making an almost perfect delusion.

The Miniatur Wunderland includes Harz(Central of Germany), Knuffingen, and Austria all built in 2001. Hamburg constructed in 2002, America in 2003, Scandinavia in 2005, Switzerland in 2007, Knuffingen Airport in 2011. Italy is still under construction and will be done in 2016 (soon). There are upcoming sections after finishing with Italy, France in 2017, England in 2019, and Africa in 2020.