Mirabell Palace and Gardens

Majestic architecture, decorative gardens, opulent ballroom, Mirabell Palace is world famous palace representing the beauty of baroque architecture.

Mirabell palace and gardens

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The Mirabell Palace has a romantic history. It was built at the late 17th century by prince Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau for his beloved Salome Alt. The name Mirabell means beautiful and admirable. Between 1721 and 1727, the palace was redesigned  by the most celebrated architect of that time Lukas von Hildebrandt. During the big city fire in 1818, it was seriously damaged however the most stunning parts the Marble Hall and the Marble Staircase remained intact. 

Mirabell Hall is perfect for special weddings, ceremonies and musical concerts. It once hosted a performance of Mozart and his children.

The interior is lavishly decorated with golden stucco works, superb paintings and marble statues by the talented Peter de Nobile and Georg Raphael Donner.

The gardens create a picturesque landscape with their symmetrical flowerbeds and large number of charming fountains inspired from mythic creatures.