Mozart Geburtshaus

Mozart Geburtshaus is the birthplace of the most famous icon of classical music, Mozart, in 1756.

Mozart Geburtshaus

Photo credit: edwin.11/Flickr

Located in Salzburg’s old town, Mozart Geburtshaus was the birth and living place of the Mozart, then turned into a museum in 1880. Since that, this part of Salzburg Old town became very popular attracting thousands of visitors curious to discover the legendary artist life.

At Mozart Geburtshaus you can take a close look at the furniture, pictures and documents used by the musician. A main part of the museum focuses on a beautiful clock from 1790 which plays “Andante for a cylinder in a small organ”, one of Mozart’s best symphonies. You can take a look at the precious musical instruments, which Mozart used to play his masterpieces. There are many valuable objects to see such as his childhood violin, his famous Clavichord, his concert violin and many other souvenirs of the his family.

In addition, Mozart’s Geburtshaus holds the famous “Mozart on the piano”, an unfinished painting by his brother in law Joseph Lange.