Musee Rodin

As its name indicates, the Musee Rodin was opened in the early 20th century to house the great artist Rodin masterpieces.

Musee Rodin Paris

Chan Richie @123rf

The items displayed in the Musee Rodin are mainly sculptures but you will find also diverse collections of paintings, ceramics, prints, photographs and antiquities.

The artist stands out with some of the world’s most famous sculptures. We can reference to the thinker, Adam and Eve and the kiss which gained a wide admiration.

What’s most impressive about those artistic gems is the authenticity and vitality of each sculpture. The artist used to focus on real models and represent their movements in the most perfect and fascinating manner.

Part of the Musee Rodin is dedicated to the great author Balzac. It features mind blowing portrayal focused on his creative way of thinking. Other part of the museum is the zoe and dean Pappas gallery. It contains representations of some important political and cultural figures showing their human part with stoneworks.