Museo Reina Sofia

Museo Reina Sofia is a splendid museum in the walk of art, a complex of Madrid best galleries.

Museo Reina Sofia

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Museo Reina Sofia is formed from a new red building made from zinc and aluminum adjacent to an oldest one that uses to be the Madrid general hospital.

The museum has a lot to offer. Millions of art fans enjoy to visit the galleries each year and marvel at one of Picasso’s most famous works Guernica. The museum is host to world celebrate artist works such as Dali, Miro and Juan Gris. The museum is divided to three sections. The first called the Irruption of the 20th Century displaying work of early 20th century to 1945. It features main movements of that time  presented by Medardo Rosso, Juan Gris and Francis picabia.

The next section is named Is the War Over? showing Art in a Divided World and depicts prominent styles until 1968. The collection gathers various nationalities works in term of European panorama and the tendency of group artists such as Equipo 57 and El paso.

The last section is dedicated to works until 1982 and is called From Revolt to Postmodernity. As its name indicates, the collection shows a revolution in styles and topics. Paintings tend to focus more on humanity issues such as globalisation, culture and war.

The Reina Sofia museum promotes an incredible trip in 20th century art not to be missed for art passioned.